This travel guide was initiated by a group of organizational transition leads and experts. We all have first hand experience from ongoing transitions in large-size, established companies.
In addition, we can draw on the experience of peers in many other large companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have come together in the informal cross-company network DACH30 “Transition to Agile”

Andrea Maier
Andrea Maier
Deutsche Telekom AG
Burkhard Tolks
Burkhard Tolks
Siemens AG
Hartmuth Gieldanowski
Schweizerische Post
Hedi Buchner
Hedi Buchner
improuv GmbH
Hendrik Esser
Hendrik Esser
Jens Paggel
Continental AG
Christoph Mathis - Krishan
Krishan Mathis
Radical Focus GmbH

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